Mike Johnson, Transmission Technician

Mr. Johnson joined Energy Fundamentals Group in 2009 bringing over 18 years of diverse experience in the natural gas industry.   In his current role as Transmission Technician, Mike is primarily responsible for field operational and maintenance activities on the Minnesota portion of the Centra Gas Transmission System.

Prior to his appointment with the company, Mr. Johnson served as the superintendent for a municipal natural gas system in Minnesota with responsibility for operating and maintaining natural gas distribution facilities.   As superintendent, he performed a variety of functions including: maintaining the safe and reliable operations of the municipal’s primary transmission receipt point town border station, district regulating facilities and the municipal customer metering sets.  In addition to his operating responsibilities, Mr. Johnson was also responsible for gas procurement for the municipal utility.  Mr. Johnson worked for several years in the natural gas distribution construction industry prior to assuming his role with the municipal utility.

Mr. Johnson is stationed in Clearbrook, Minnesota where he lives with his wife and two children.