EFG Fundamentals

The core principle of EFG’s investment and advisory philosophy is securing and preserving value.  Each investment the company considers must be characterized by stable intrinsic value supported by sound, sustainable fundamentals that will generate competitive, risk adjusted returns for investors over time with limited down-side risk to protect invested capital.

EFG is a principal investor and typically assumes an operating role in each investment.   In each investment situation, the company combines its own proprietary capital with that of suitable co-investment partners seeking stable, competitive risk-adjusted returns over a long-term investment horizon.   The company’s size, ability to execute transactions efficiently, and focus on small-to-mid-size energy infrastructure investment situations which offer sound operational and financial fundamentals has positioned the company to compete successfully in the space for assets and deliver predictable, attractive returns to investors.

EFG is not a private equity firm, investment dealer or pure financial investor. It does not have capital under management that attracts a management fee, nor is it constrained by prescribed return hurdles and capital turnover requirements.   EFG does not employ unsustainable levels of leverage to enhance returns, and investor returns are not dependent on unrealistic exit valuations.

In situations where EFG is not an investor, the firm works with clients to provide commercial advisory services where its knowledge, expertise, and capability can make a meaningful impact on a client’s ability to complete a project, achieve a desired commercial outcome, close a transaction or operate an asset holding.