EFG Sustainability

The firm’s investment approach is guided by the principle of sustainability.

In investment situations, intrinsic asset value must be viewed to remain stable over time, returns must be repeatable, invested capital must be protected, and a path towards growth and investment realization must be visible.  EFG rarely invests without also taking an operating role.

In an advisory capacity, EFG is best suited to provide clients with practical advice and solutions in a commercial context where EFG’s expertise, capability and knowledge in the natural gas infrastructure space can create clear, sustained value to clients over time.

EFG is not in the business of taking pure commodity or merchant risk in assets.  That said, the company currently has a bullish view of the energy infrastructure space, recognizing that North America’s growing demand for energy, aging generation and delivery infrastructure and trend toward renewable energy sources will provide attractive investment opportunities for prudent investors for many years to come.