Centra Gas Transmission System

Pipeline MapEnergy Fundamentals Group L.P. is the owner operator of the Centra Gas Transmission system, a 270 km., NPS 12.75 inch diameter natural gas transmission pipeline system with a peak-day capacity of 65,000 MCF/day.   EFGLP operates the system in Canada through Centra Transmission Holdings, Inc. and in the United States through Centra Pipelines Minnesota, Inc.   The pipeline serves industrial and natural gas distributions customers in Southern Manitoba, Northern Minnesota and Western Ontario.

Deliveries to shippers are made on a firm basis at 13 sales meter stations along the pipeline route.   The pipeline system is regulated by the Canadian National Energy Board and the United States Federal Regulatory Commission.

For more information, visit our pipeline system interactive map. Rate and Tariff information is also available for CTHI and CPMI.